Winning Concept


The competition was won by a team composed of Janet Rosenberg & Studio Inc.(Toronto) and Cibinel Architects Ltd.(Winnipeg), with Landmark Planning & Design Inc.(Winnipeg), and ARUP Canada Inc.(Toronto).

The winning submission presented the strongest vision for Southwood and the Fort Garry Campus as a whole, following the concept of “landscape first.”  This design concept recognized and emphasized Southwood as a special place that doesn’t exist anywhere else, and built upon this unique local context.

The concept suggests a pattern of both landscape and urban elements, which establishes strong connections to the river – a form of landscape-urbanism that neither follows the structure of typical downtown developments nor of mono-functional suburban neighborhoods. The concept instead promotes ‘a place of living in the prairie’. While the winning design presented a very strong concept, it is not a finished product, and there is still work to be done to further clarify and develop this concept into a campus plan.